Almana Ger Yatom

Widows, Strangers, Orphans: Journeying with the Poor



This is hebrew for widows (almana), strangers (ger), orphans (yatom)

almana ger yatom is God’s plumb line. In tagalog, “hulog” – the tool used by carpenters. It is how God measures us – if we are upright or “tagilid” (crooked). When we are good for taking care of the almana ger yatom, He praises us and when we are bad  for not taking care of the almana ger yatom, He berates us.

Jesus also had His plumb line or “hulog”, the prostitutes, sinners and tax collectors. Later, He added three more – the prisoners, lepers and gentiles.

Look at it this way, what did each of the plumb line groups have in common:

  1. almana ger yatom were vulnerable – no inheritance, no family, no rights.
  2. Prostitutes, sinners and tax collectors were despised, hated – look at the beatitudes.
  3. Prisoners, lepers and gentiles were invisible – they were meant to be invisible and not seen in society.
  4. Beggars, people with defects like cripples and blind, and the sick, were the “kawawa”, downcast.

These are the poor in the Bible and God uses them to judge us.

He will not judge us for not evangelising or not having a big church.

He will judge us when He separates the sheep from the goats, whether we fed the hungry, clothes the naked, treated the sick, and visited the prisoners.

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