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words are meant to hide their meaning


Words were always meant to hide their meanings..
There is a conspiracy to only hear words and to only hear with our minds. This is very satanic. It has plunged the world into darkness. When we ask someone how he is and he says I am fine, we take that on surface value and move on. We miss so many things he is saying to us because we only focus on words.

When i come home after a long day of work and i call out Hello I am home, and my wife answers from the kitchen, a casual Ok. What do I hear? That all is ok? Of course not. What i hear is an entire bomb exploding in my kitchen. Its really what i dont hear that is devastating. I dont hear the excitement that papa has arrived, i dont hear anymore the desire after missing me for a whole day. i dont hear also the groan of a wife who is longing for her man to come and hug her and reassure her that i love her still.

when we focus on words, we miss out on many things being said. and we do this because the less we notice the more manageable our lives get.

when we were little, or when we were babies, we actually listened with our ears, skin, nose, mind, hands, and basically, we listened with our hearts, not our ears only.

jesus listened with his heart also. he told people, you honor me with your lips but your hearts are from away from me. of course some people will say jesus could do that because he had super powers. biblical christians dont believe that, we believe it is christ’s humanity on display here and it is when we are truly human that we are holy. it is when we are fully human that we can hear.

we can actually hear everything if we used our hearts. when we sit beside a friend on a 5 hours bus trip to Baguio, we can hear him pushing us away or looking down on us or inviting us or embracing us. We can also hear an invitation to intimacy and fellowship that removes no matter how small, the loneliness we experience in living in a fallen world.

we can hear everything when we are willing to receive not just good or nice things but also painful things. when we do though life becomes unbearable, unmanageable. this is why we dont want to hear. this is why we only want to focus on words. this is why we dont want to hear people’s hearts.

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